Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kicking Around

We never made it to Montreal. We docked at a yacht club across the river, in a small town called Longueuil. It was late when we came in, there was nothing to do but rest and wait to see if the weather improved in the morning. It didn't, so we left the boat for the day and ventured into Old Montreal via metro. Towards the end of the day we killed some time at the Casino, though neither Gabe, his dad, nor I are very enthusiastic gamblers. But it was something Fernando was looking forward to, so we indulged him and mulled about between slot machines while he tried his luck at Roulette and Black Jack. Big spender had some wins then suffered a few unlucky hands, reluctantly cut his losses and we made our way back to the boat. We planned to set across to the other side in the morning. Once again, easier said than done. Even though the winds had died down and we only had the river currents to contend with, those proved to be too strong for our Rodeo. We couldn't get her moving against them so we turned back towards the east shore and stayed in Longueuil for another day. The little town turned out to have big character, and we enjoyed a perfectly sunny day exploring it. Gabe and I grabbed lunch at Chez Parra, a french bistro with impeccable service and a mouthwatering menu. A liter of Sangria later we were ready to go provision shopping for the next leg of the trip: port of call Quebec. 

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