Tuesday, 25 October 2011

On the Rodeo again

It has been over 4 months since we first came to Nova Scotia. The Bedford Basin Yacht Club and it's community have been very kind and generous to us. We got to explore the area and sample local fare. We also made a few lasting friendships and got a great taste of the famous east coast hospitality. We are eternally grateful to all of Haligonians for embracing us and making us feel welcome. But adventure beckoned, and we had no time to waste as the days grew shorter and temperatures began to drop. After a few weeks of repairs, upgrades and provisioning we were ready to set sail again, this time for the Caribbean. We had set a tentative time of departure for late October to dodge the hurricane season and it is only by a stroke of good luck that Nova Scotia got a beautiful long and warm autumn. We only hope that it will hold out a bit longer. Finally, on Oct 24, 2011, with copious amounts of diesel on board and caffeinated blood streams we pulled out, for the last time, from our secure and comfortable slip of the yacht club and into a milky unknown. In these early morning hours, below us lay a smooth sheet of black basin waters. Like a freshly tarred roof it was casting swirls of steam into the foggy air hanging low above our heads. As we make our way south and pass Halifax, we watch our surroundings appear and disappear while the harbour breaths patches of thick fog around us. Within a few hours we're clear of the busy waterfront and on our way into the open Atlantic.

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