Friday, 20 May 2011

Inching Away

After much preparation, a hefty chunk of which has been undertaken by Gabe, we are slowly creeping towards the east coast. True, we haven't gone very far yet, but we're happy to call the Toronto Island Marina home for the next few days. We have a great view of the Toronto skyline from here, that gets more and more staggering and entrancing as the evening draws darker. I am going to miss this city and everything that it has offered me. I will miss all the things I failed to take advantage of even more. At least I get to take its vibrant, vile and infectious energy in for a few more days, while we camp out on the Island. We will be hosting a going away shindig here tomorrow, and I don't mean a "Rapture Party". Come hell or high water we will celebrate new beginnings with our closest friends, and say our teary eyed goodbyes to everyone we've grown so close to. But adventure beckons. And even though I'm really excited to be embarking on a new one, it warms my heart to think that while we spend some time in Halifax we'll only be within a short airplane ride away. I guess that's why it hardly feels like a goodbye.

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