Friday, 27 May 2011

Lake Ontario: 1, Rodeo: 0

The second day out, Friday, May 27,2011 has been a miserable one. Not only have we been battling head winds, it has been rainy and cold. We all look green with seasickness, much of which is due to the constant beating Rodeo is taking. Though I suspect that Thursdayʼs wine tasting might have something to do with the state weʼre in. Despite the reason, weʼre all feeling awful and making little headway with these NE winds. Even the engine struggled against the constant waves, until it decided to give up altogether that is. After spending 3 drenching hours working on the engine and the diesel supply, Gabriel found a problem with the fuel pump. Weʼre under sails now, and long ways from any safe harbor on route. We decided to divert our course and head for Oswego, on the south-east shore of Lake Ontario. It is our safest bet, as we get to go with the wind and get a chance to reach land before midnight. Sailing all night long within Thousand Islands without a motor just wouldnʼt be smart. Oswego is a significant detour, but we have a good shot at finding a replacement pump there tomorrow so that we can make repairs and be back on our way as soon as possible.

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