Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nice n'easy

After spending a productive Saturday on engine repairs and cleaning we were once again ready to take on Lake Ontario. We set out before dawn, with the engine running perfectly, and confidently made our way out of Oswego harbour and into a foggy lake. That day the gods decided to take it easy on us, and we delighted in an easy day of slow motoring over very still waters. A steady boat allowed us the luxury of barbecuing a fabulous pork tenderloin, marinated in a garlic-mustard sauce which we enjoyed with rice and chickpea salad and beer, of course. With time, as we pushed forward and into the Thousand Islands, the sun came out, the fog lifted and we got our first glance at the beautiful scenery of St. Lawrence River. We went along the winding shorelines admiring great waterfront homes that seemed to just keep getting bigger and more spectacular as we went deeper into the region. Once we chose our next mooring destination, we pressed on to get there before night fall. We have all been up since 3 a.m. and were looking forward to a shower and (another) good meal. One of the side channels of the main river that would lead us to Trident Yacht Club was intercepted by a small ferry that seemed to be pulled from shore to shore by two cables, submerged under the surface. As soon as we realized that we became concerned with being able to pass over the cables without getting caught. We tried to raise the ferry operator on the radio, but got no response. We decided to chance it and float over the cables with the engine shot off. Holding our breaths and our fingers crossed we glided across the path of the ferry. Nothing. No snags, no noise, no pulling, we made it across without a hitch. When we pulled into the Trident Yacht Club some time later, we were greeted by a set of helping hands. Another club member came onto the finger we were approaching to help us tie off. We exchanged a short conversation about Albergs (the gentlemen was also an Alberg owner), got a short introduction to the layout of the club and the amenities, and after securing the boat we made our way over to the club house for showers and a hot supper. Tired but full and happy we settled in around 9 p.m. just as the fog began to descend over the river again, rewarding us with a striking scenery.

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