Saturday, 5 November 2011

Now it's personal

Mother Nature: 6 - Rodeo: 0. Six lost days, that's how long we have been hanging around Provincetown, due to unfavourable weather conditions. We tried to make it across the Cape Cod Bay and into the Cape Cod Canal on the opposite side yesterday, but we met with some resistance from the choppy seas and winds gusting right on the nose. Progress was slow and uncomfortable, and by the second hour out we realized we had a slim chance of getting into the canal with the flooding tide at 4:30 PM. Besides, we didn't like the idea of being pushed around by the elements any more than we already had in last week's storm. So we turned back into the comforts of MacMillan Wharf, where we had spent the four days prior preparing for this crossing. 
Mother Nature has been working against us, it seams, since last Saturday, and I'm starting to take it personally. It's getting colder and colder by the day, and our already slow progress is being further impeded by capricious weather shifts. I guess that's part of the limitations of a cruising life, having to play it by ear and waiting for a good weather window if we want to make a safe passage. But the benefits of leading a leisurely existence when there is nothing left to do but wait really make up for the inconvenience of it. Having nothing better to do while back in port we catch up on reading, knitting, visit local galleries and enjoy spectacular pizza at George's. Last night, after the disappointing venture we devoured a large Buffalo Chicken pie with buffalo sauce, bacon and onions, all topped with gorgonzola. What a treat. 

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