Friday, 18 November 2011

Approaching NYC

Ahhhh, so close and yet so far away. We had to spend 3 nights out in Manhasset Bay at Port Washington, just barely out of reach of New York City and managed to only catch a glimpse of the skyline. We couldn't make it across Hell Gate any sooner than Saturday due to poor weather. What else is new? We are now 14 days behind schedule as we linger here and there, waiting for favourable conditions. But every bit of the slow and sometimes aggravating passage to New York has been rewarded by the stunning views of the city, at our approach from the East River. Gabe has come this way with Rodeo before so for him, this time, the thrill was in watching my reaction to the scenery as we flowed down the river in a canyon of the Upper East Side high-rises. It was loud and quiet all at the same time. Bustling and calm at once. Gliding along the shoreline, we saw it all go by so close, so tangible, but we watched it like a scene in a movie. The opulence of it seemed a bit imposing, compared to the simple ways I've become accustomed to since living on a boat, yet I found it familiar and comforting. Once we approached lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty came into view beyond the Brooklin Bridge. I've been to New York before, and it sure made an impression, but to see it from this perspective was a real treat. Dodging the water taxi and ferry traffic we steered North to head up the Hudson, where we were scheduled to moor for the next few nightss. The West views of the city were just as spectacular and the setting sun behind us cloaked the city in a rusty hue that intensified its mesmerizing effect. We motored slowly along the busy harbour front and pulled into the 79th Street Boat Basin, located right at Riverside Ave. It felt like we scored front row seats to the Big Apple experience. We couldn't wait to dinghy to shore and dive right into it. 

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